Payment Options

All tours are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and reserved with a non-refundable deposit of 50%.   We require a non-refundable deposit of roughly 50% as a good faith commitment to show up for a tour.   Nothing spells commitment like money.

You can pay the balance at the outset of the tour in US cash.  We only accept cash on the day of a tour.

You have 5 options to paying the non-refundable deposit to reserve tours.
1.  Mail in a check in US currency.  We accept checks if we receive them at least 2 weeks in advance of the tour.  Thus, you should plan on mailing a check at least 17 days in advance if you are sending it locally, 3 weeks in advance if you are sending it in the United States, and 4 weeks in advance if you are sending it from overseas. 

Mailing a check is the most common method of reserving a tour.  However, for those people who do not have a checking account, have waited to less than two weeks before a tour to schedule one, or those who want to pay with a credit card, the following options exist.

2.  Make a wire transfer using Western Union (WU).  WUs can be found in almost all grocery store customer service booths.

3.  Make a wire transfer using MoneyGram (MG).  MGs can be found in almost all Walmarts.

When making a wire transfer, you will need to fill out a WU or MG form that identifies the party to whom you are sending the money and location:  Keith Rosen and Houston, Texas.  WU and MG charge a slight fee for this service.

You will need to send an email with the following information for us to retrieve the non-refundable wire transfer deposit:

  1. The exact name that you used on the WU or MG form to identify yourself.
  2. The city, state or province, and country from where you sent it.
  3. The amount that you sent.
  4. A tracking code.  This is usually between 9 and 12 digits depending on which company you use. 

If you fail to send any of the above information or send the wrong information, we will not be able to retrieve the non-refundable deposit.

4.  Beginning in late 2016, we began accepting credit cards and money transfers using PayPal.  You can find us through PayPal using two sources, either our telephone number:  (713) 392-0867 or email address:  PayPal charges a slight commission for this service.  To calculate this charge so that you send the correct amount, please go to:

5.  Meet in person to pay cash at a Starbucks at 1410 Woodridge Drive, Houston, Texas 77087.  This is across from Gulfgate Mall in southeast Houston.  It is off of Exit #41A from I-45 and Exit #33 from I-610.  It is in a strip mall along with a FedEx and Verizon store and in front of a Lowe’s Home Improvement Center.

If it is more convenient for you to pay the whole amount in advance, you may do so.  However, we only require a non-refundable deposit of roughly 50% to try to ensure that you will attend and that we will not waste our time and fuel showing up to conduct a tour for people who do not attend while we may have also turned away other potential tourists for tours on the same day, because we had previously scheduled your tour.

We do not accept bank transfers.  It had been our experience that United States banks are basically legally chartered criminal organizations who take out multiple hidden and unidentified fees that can be as much as 25% of the total cost of the tour.

We will send you a confirmation email that your tour has been scheduled with the remaining balance and thanking you after we receive your check, retrieve the wired money, or receive an email from PayPal that the payment has been made.

Thank you.