Bakery Tours

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you crave wheat and gluten? Do want comfort food in the morning? Well, this is the tour for you. We offer 8 options that are each approximately 3 hours from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. These tours take you several different cultural sites to try the gourmet delights. We will stop at each bakery for about 10 to 20 minutes. These are all local bakeries. You may get a sample at some of these bakeries. Each tour has:

  • 5 to 10 bakeries for 1 to 5 people.
  • 5 or 6 bakeries for 6 to 14 people.
  • 4 or 5 bakeries for 15+ people.

The greater the number of people, the greater the number of bathroom breaks, the greater the amount of time to get on and off the bus, and the greater time needed for sampling treats. Some bakeries are not open each day of the week, so we are limited in the number of ones we visit.

Also, the bakeries that are further from downtown, such as beyond I-610/The Inner Loop or Beltway 8/the Sam Houston Tollway require more drive time.

For large groups, we can customize the tour and extend the tour to 4 or 5 hours to include stopping for lunch at one of the bakeries and or a greater number of bakeries.

Some bakeries have sit-down areas to eat; however, in all bakeries you can mill around. You may want to save your yummy sweets to eat at a later time. Please, no eating in the vehicles.

Most bakeries are sole proprietorships or mom and pop family operations. Thus, their baking area may not be large and unable to accommodate tourists. Many bakeries begin out of someone’s kitchen. Because so many bakeries are family and friends run businesses, they can go out of business faster than they start up the business. Thus, the inclusion of bakeries is subject to change. Please let us know if you think we overlooked any bakeries that we do not visit or the opening of any new bakeries that we should include.

Bakeries can be quite different. 

  • Some specialize in breakfast sweets; other bakeries specialize in desserts and after dinner comfort foods.
  • Some specialize in being markets to take your food and go; other bakeries have restaurant areas to sit down, relax, and bond with friends.
  • Some specialize in mass production for the individual customers; other bakeries focus on catering for a select clientele sponsoring large groups for banquets, receptions, and weddings.
  • Some bakeries just make a variety of breads; other bakeries make no breads, just sweets.
  • Some bakeries pride themselves in their frostings and toppings, other bakeries boast about their body and fillings.
  • Some bakeries focus on only one item such as bagels, baguettes, cupcakes, cakes, or crepes; other bakeries are all purpose bakeries.

All of our bakery tours are multicultural experiences so be prepared for an array of taste sensations. For some baking treats, we have to go to a market that has a bakery in it that specializes in select items.

Always bring cash as some of the bakeries do not accept credit cards.

The tours begin at the Houston Visitors Center in downtown. Please click here to be connected to the address and parking information.

# Tour A Tour B Tour C
Location Lower Westheimer Road Area - East of Shepherd Drive North of US 59/I-69, West of US 59/I-69, Within I-610 on the West Side, and South of Buffalo Bayou South of US 59/I-69 and I-45 and Within I-610 the South and West
Neighborhoods Montrose and Neartown Downtown, Upper Kirby District, Greater River Oaks, and Highland Village 3rd Ward, Rice Village, South Side, Meyerland, Maplewood, and the Texas Medical Center
1 American Cakes African-American
2 Czech Cupcakes Cakes
3 Donuts Dessert Cookies
4 Indian French French
5 Mexican Irish soda bread German
6 Café Louisianan Jewish - Polish Kosher Bakery
7 Café Middle Eastern - baklava and pita Mexican
8 Café Pies Philippine
9 Café   Café


# Tour D Tour E Tour F
Location North of Buffalo Bayou, South of Tidwell Road and Between I-610 West and US 290 and US 59/I-69 to the East Near West Side – Between I-610 and Beltway 8, North of US 59/I-69 and south of I-10 Southwest of I-610 and US 59/I-69
Neighborhoods Houston Heights, Washington Heights, Garden Oaks, Northline Area, and the 5th Ward Galleria Area, Uptown Park, and the Mahatma Gandhi District Fondren Southwest, Meyerland, Meyer Park, and Westbury
1 American Arabic African
2 American Bundt Cakes French
3 Breads Cheesecakes Israeli
4 Donuts - oldest Shipley's Cupcakes Jewish - Kosher bagels
5 Mexican French Kosher pastries
6 Mexican Guatemalan Turkish
7 Pies Indian Different Cronuts


# Tour G Tour H Tour I
Location West Side – Along and Close to I-10, Between I-610 and Beltway 8 Asiantown Along Bellaire Boulevard West of Beltway 8/the Sam Houston Tollway
Neighborhoods Greater Spring Branch Area, Korean Town, and Memorial Asiantown and Greater Sharpstown Briargrove and Alief
1 Bread French Asian - Egg Custards
2 Chinese and Vietnamese French Creole - Beignets
3 Czech Chinese French - Baguettes
4 Gluten Free Chinese Greek - Baklava cheesecake
5 Korean Vietnamese Italian - cannolis, wedding cookies, cakes, cookies