Chocolate Chip Cookie Tours

These tours start at the Visitors Center in downtown. They normally start at 10:00 AM. However, we can be flexible with the time. Some sites open at 10:00 and 11:00 AM. This tour is a special treat. We visit about one-half dozen sites that have ben ranked in local polls to have the best chocolate chip cookies in Houston. This can make a great gift for someone. Chocolate chip cookies are considered the most popular cookies, and perhaps snacks, in the United States.

We offer three options of this tour of 3, 4, or 5 hours. Factors to consider are:

  • The size of the group.
  • The number of sites you want to visit.
  • The number of cookies you want to sample. Do you want to go back for seconds, thirds, fourths ... ?If you want to include a lunch stop. Over half of the places serve luncheon food.

For groups of 1 to 9 people, we can go to about 5 or 6 sites in 3 hours, 7 or 8 in 4 hours, and 9 or 10 in 5 hours. For larger groups, subtract by one the number of sites for each hour: 4 or 5 sites in 3 hours, 6 or 7 sites in 4 hours, and 8 or 9 sites in 5 hours if we do not stop for lunch.

For groups of 1 to 9 people, allow 1 hour for lunch. For larger groups, allow 1.25 to 1.5 hours.

Bring cookie money and, if desired, lunch money. Once you visit these sites, you will be returning.

If you are with another person, you may consider sharing a cookie at each site. This will save you money, enable you to consume more cookies later, and some cookies are massive. A half of one cookie might be the equivalent of two cookies elsewhere.

You might be surprised that locations that specialize in meals actually have great chocolate chip cookies.

We offer you options of which shops we visit. You can choose and or we can recommend shops.

  • Brown Bag Deli
  • Chocolate Bar, The
  • Common Bond Café & Bakery
  • Croissant Brioche French Bakery
  • DaCapo’s Pastry Cafe
  • French Gourmet Bakery & Cafe
  • La Madeleine: Country French Cafe
  • Michael’s Cookie Jar
  • Moeller’s Bakery
  • Salata – The Next Generation Salad Bar
  • Three Brothers Bakery
  • Tiff’s Treats
  • Tiny Boxwood’s Café
  • Zoe’s Kitchen