Varner-Hogg Plantation & ColumbiaTour

Take the Varner-Hogg Plantation and Columbia tour to learn about the history of Texas in the 1800s and early 1900s. We have so much to offer in such a short time. This is a eight-hour tour from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The preferred days for this tour are Thursday through Saturday. On these days each week every place is open. This tour includes:

  1. Varner-Hogg Plantation – This is one of the oldest plantation houses in Texas. Martin Varner was the first owner of the property, from 1824 to 1834 when he sold it. His successor Columbus Patton, had a Greek Revival plantation house built circa 1835. It became known as Patton Place. He operated a successful sugar plantation until 1854. Several people owned it over the next 57 years as it evolved into a ranch. In 1901, former Texas Governor James Hogg bought it as an investment, speculating that oil might be on the property. Hogg died in 1906. Oil was discovered after Hogg’s death.  Hogg’s daughter, Ima maintained it until 1958, when she donated it to the state. The plantation is 56.8 miles from downtown Houston. It is open on Sunday and Tuesday through Saturday.
  2. 1976 – 1977 Replica of the First Capitol of Texas of 1836 – 1837.
  3. Old Columbia Cemetery from the 1830s.
  4. Columbia Historical Museum. This museum is only open Thursday through Saturday.
  5. 1921 – 1948 Rosenwald School.
  6. Lunch – to be determined. Everyone pays for his/her lunch.
  7. The Capitol of Texas Park – A Walk through the Birth of Texas.
  8. East Columbia – Main Street National Historic District including the:
    1. Ayock-Crews House from the 1890s.
    2. Aldridge-Smith House.
    3. Travis-Smith House from 1878.
    4. Tyler-Bryan-Weems House from approximately the 1890s.
    5. ML Weems House from circa 1847.
    6. Ammon Underwood House from 1835.
    7. Sweeny-Waddy Slave and Freedmen’s Cabin, circa 1850. The family
      resided in it until 1953.
    8. Brothers George and David Dance’s Gun Shop from about the 1850s.
  9. Bell’s Landing Business District and Marker.
  10. Carry A. Nation Hotel Site.
  11. 1913 Bethel Presbyterian Church.
  12. 6-story tall statue of Stephen Fuller Austin (1793 – 1836), the father of Texas.


Inquire for prices when making reservations.