Pub Crawls

Welcome to our cultural excuses for drinking page.  : - )  We introduced these tours in February 2017, inspired by a very nice Irish American family who inadvertently called us for a tour.  We were glad to accommodate them and create a new one.  Seeing so many happy people drinking inspired us to create more tours.

Do you need an excuse for a pub-crawl?  How about:

  • A graduation.
  • A marriage.
  • A divorce.
  • A reunion.
  • A bachelor party.
  • Mardi Gras – generally in February.
  • St. Patrick’s Day – in March.
  • April Fool’s Day – in April.
  • Cinco de Mayo – in May.
  • Flag Day or Juneteenth – in June.
  • Independence Day and Bastile Day – in July.
  • Labor Day and diez y seis/Fiesta Patrias – in September.
  • Halloween – in October.
  • Thanksgiving – In November.
  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve – in December.
  • It’s the weekend.
  • It’s a weekday.

This is a somewhat unique tour in the way that we are formulating it.   Some of the factors are the following:

  • You choose the number of hours.
  • You choose the start time.
  • You choose the end time.
  • You choose the type of drinking establishments.  For example, do you only want:
  • Irish pubs,
  • English taverns,
  • German bier gartens and hofbraus,
  • Mexican cantinas,
  • American bars,
  • Roof-top bars,
  • Secret bars,
  • Sites in downtown,
  • Sites in midtown,
  • Sites somewhere else, or
  • A mix of bars
  • You choose if you want to include one or more breweries on this tour.
  • You choose the starting and ending locations.  Most tours start and end in downtown Houston.  However, since you will be drinking alcohol, and perhaps in excess, you may want to start at your house or a hotel where you will spend the night so you do not drive while intoxicated or under the influence.  You might want to begin at the first bar, cantina, hofbrau, tavern, or pub to minimize any driving.

DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE (DUI) OR DRIVE WHILE INTOXICATED (DWI).  The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission’s (TABC) definition of driving while intoxicated is 0.8% blood alcohol and above. 

Added Entertainment.  We can bring:

  • Irish, Country and Western, or German beer drinking CDs to listen.
  • DVDs of Cheers, the most famous television show set in a bar to watch.
  • movies that focus on a lot of beer drinking such as National Lampoon’s Animal House, the Blues Brothers, or Old School.

Pace yourself.  A 140-pound woman can drink 2 beers in one hour and be impaired, but not legally drunk.  A 160-pound man can drink 3 beers in one hour and be impaired, but not legally drunk.

  • If you are going to a number of establishments, plan on only having one or two beers at each place so that you do not fill up too soon or become intoxicated.
  • Think about including a place that serves food to absorb some of the alcohol and to slow down the consumption of it.  We can help you in your planning.

Allow 20 minutes at each place if you are in a party of 1 to 5 people.

  • Allow 30 minutes at each place if you are in a party of 6 to 9 people.  With more people to socialize in your group, you will need more time.
  • Allow 40 minutes at each place if you are in a party of 10 to 14 people.  With more people ordering and waiting for their drinks and to settle up with the checks as well as the growing number of people to bond, you should plan for more time.
  • Allow 50 minutes at each place if you are in a party of 15 to 19 people.  More people with whom to talk are going to be spread further or throughout the bar which will result in more time just getting around to be sociable.  Also, it takes longer just to get on and off a bus. 
  • Allow 45 to 60 minutes for eating any meal.
  • Driving from place to place is time consuming.
  • If you include one or more breweries, allot more time as one receives tokens to get multiple beers at each brewery – usually three or four.

Keep in mind that you are bonding and enjoying the camaraderie of your friends and or family on this tour.  Beer drinking is the excuse that is bringing you all together.


It will be based on several factors:

  1. The number of people.  The prices are on as sliding scale.  The more the people, the lower the per person price.
  2. The number of hours.  More hours = more expenses.
  3. Location, location, location.  If all the bars are in downtown, little driving and fuel will be spent and the pricing will be the cheapest.  Next, if they are all within the I-610 Loop, the pricing will be a little more with the additional fuel and time needed to drive greater distances.  Third, if we go to more remote parts of Houston or beyond to other cities such as Spring, Katy, or Pearland, or Jacinto City, the price will be more expensive.
  4. Picking up and returning people to areas outside of downtown.

Call or write to us when you have the above information and ask for a price.  Give us 48 hours to put together a quote.

We can help you receive discounts or specials at various drinking places on drinks and food.  We are primarily providing the identification, planning, coordination, organization, transportation, information, and entertainment.  The driver will NOT normally go into any of the establishments with you as he or she will NOT be drinking or close to alcohol with the exception of needing a bathroom stop.  We will coordinate with the group and in particular the group leader an itinerary and what time the group should be ready to reload the bus when we are ready to depart from each site.