Step-On Tour Guides

A step-on tour guide is a person who steps on or enters the vehicle that you are providing for transportation to conduct the tour. A step-on guide is cheaper than when one has to provide transportation, also. Many Harris County senior groups use step-on guides with the free Harris County precinct buses. Many local houses of worship, retirement and community centers have their own buses or vans and many groups arriving via a bus from other states have their own buses. Remember to reserve one seat at the front of the bus for the tour guide.

Groups should provide their own speaker system to project the voice of the step-on guide. Under no circumstance should one expect a guide to spend the tour standing in the middle of a bus, holding onto chairs or overhead storage areas, rocking side-to-side, and yelling narratives for hours to the passengers. The tour guide needs to be at the front of the bus to give the driver directions. The tour guide should not be hoarse or in pain at the end of the tour. If you expect a guide to provide a public address system, an extra fee will be added.

People frequently call us to plan their tour as well as be the tour guide so remember you are paying for more than the hours of service from the guide, also. Planning a tour often takes more time than conducting a tour.

Some tours have additional expenses for lunch, admissions, or donations. You may pay these directly to us or to the institutions that we visit.

For pricing of Step-On Tours, click here. Note that you will require the free Adobe Reader in order to read these pricing documents. You can download the latest version of this software by clicking this link.