Rum Tour

Our rum tour is a 5-hour tour that normally begins at 9:00 AM and ends by 2:00 PM. Because of Texas liquor laws, one must be able to show legitimate proof, such as a driver’s license, that he/she is at least 21 years of age in order to take this tour.

This tour will take us to the first rum distillery in Texas, started in 2005, licensed in 2007, and with its first commercial product in 2008. The tour includes a “discussion on sugarcane and the fermentation process, distillation, theories and operation of the still, dark versus white rum, barrel aging, and the bottling process.” Free samples of the original Texas white and dark rum and the Texas agave spirit and rum cake are available at the end of the tour.

Liquor distilleries are not allowed to sell their products on site. After the tour, we venture to a local liquor store where you can buy both the liquor and rum and pina colada soaked cakes.

We include a stop at a local seafood restaurant with your choice of a dive to a moderately decorated restaurant next to Galveston Bay. The cost of lunch is a separate fee, usually between $14 and $25 per person, depending on what one orders.