George Ranch Tour

The George Ranch is a historical park whose history follows family lines beginning in 1824 when Texas was still part of Mexico. The George Ranch has since passed through four generations and has grown into one of Fort Bend County's landmarks.

Today, the George Ranch is a 23,000-acre working ranch. The family's original "home place" is at the core of the George Ranch Historical Park where the legends and legacies of those who shaped this place come to life every day. Authentic locations, historic homes, costumed presenters and a remarkable story of determination and courage set the stage for trekking through Texas history.

The George Ranch tour includes:

  • Transportation
  • Parking
  • A tractor-drawn ride
  • A visit to a modern-day smithy at the Oldenburg blacksmith’s Shop
  • Watching working cowboy demonstrations
  • Observing livestock such as pigs, chickens, and horses,
  • Touring the following:
    • Replica of the 1830s Henry and Nancy Jones dog-trot-style log cabin
    • The 1860s sharecropper’s cabin
    • The 1860s prairie home of Poly and William Ryon
    • The 1890s Davis Mansion
    • The 1930s A.P. and Mamie George Ranch House

You will also visit the original family cemetery that was actively used from the 1820s to 1916.

Beware of Alligators and Snakes Inside the George Ranch A Building on the George Ranch LongHorn Cattle