Corpus Christi Tours and More

Take one of our Corpus Christi and More tours. Corpus Christi is 211 miles from Houston or a 3.5-hour drive.  Kingsville is 237 miles Heritage Parkfrom Houston or a 3.75-hour drive.  Either of these trips would be a minimum of 7 hours of non-stop driving.  When adding 1 hour for lunch and time for touring the time needed is a minimum of 2 days.  Thus, these are overnight tours.  Kingsville is 44 miles from Corpus Christi or a 45-minute drive.

Here is what you can typically expect:

Day 1 (A):

  1. The Selena Museum (closed on Saturday and Sunday).
  2. Drive along Ocean Drive to see the beautiful homes.
  3. Selena gravesite and an image of the face of Jesus cut in marble that appears to turn to all directions.
  4. Photo opportunities at the beach and coastline.
  5. Photo opportunity of a replica of Columbus’s ship Nina floating in the water.
  6. Selena monument.
  7. Lunch at Water Street Seafood Company or a similar venue.
  8. Water Street Market.
  9. South Texas Music Walk of Fame.
  10. Texas Surf Museum.
  11. Heritage Park.
  12. Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Center (closed on Sunday and Monday).
  13. Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, including full-size replicas of the Pinta and Santa Maria ships and relics from the Rene de La Salle settlement.
  14. The Days Inn Motel where Selena was shot.

Options for Additional Day(s) 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6:

Option B:

  1. The USS Lexington.
  2. Lunch at Pier 99 or on the USS Lexington.
  3. The Texas State Aquarium, including the dolphin show.

Option C:

  1. Museum of Asian CulturesSouth Texas Botanical Gardens.
  2. Lunch at Blackbeards or Mamacitas or another Mexican restaurant.
  3. Asian Cultures Museum and Educational Center.
  4. Art Museum of South Texas.

Option D:

  1. Split-level downtown along Lower Broadway and Upper Broadway.
  2. Downtown Kingsville.
  3. The King Ranch Saddle Shop (closed on Sunday).
  4. 1904 Train Depot (closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday).
  5. See Texas A&M University at Kingsville.
  6. John E. Conner Museum (closed on Sunday).
  7. The King Ranch.
  8. The King Ranch Museum.
  9. Dinner at the Sirloin Stockade.

Option E:

One day to tour Fulton, Rockport, Aransas Pass, and Ingleside on the Bay to the north of Corpus Christi. This includes:

  1. The Fulton Mansion State Historic Site.
  2. Texas Maritime Museum.
  3. Rockport’s Heritage District, including the Rockport Center for the Arts.
  4. University of Texas Marine Science Institute Visitors Center.
  5. See the naval station.

Option F:

One day at beaches at Padre Island and Mustang Island to the east and south of Corpus Christi.

Movies and music related to Corpus Christi, Selena, and the King Ranch are available to watch and listen along the way.

Selena MemorialAny of the options B through F can be selected for the second or multiple days so you can customize your tour.

We stay at a hotel where a hot breakfast and dinner is provided each day. Thus, we only eat out lunch. Lunch and souvenirs are your only additional expenses.

After day 1, we start each day at approximately 9:00 AM. We finish each day by 5:30 PM, except for the last day. We will arrive back in Houston at approximately 10:00 PM.